Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale

Ford transmissions

Don’t give up your beloved Ford just because you’re having engine troubles. Gearhead offers a wide range of drop-in high-performance Ford transmissions for sale—you’ll get better-than-new quality for a great price.

Crate transmissions

Gearhead offers a complete lineup of crate transmissions, including:

  • 700R4 transmissions
  • 4160E transmissions
  • 4180E transmissions
  • Turbo 350 transmissions
  • And far more!

Get it fast

We know that time is money, so we built a nationwide distribution network that makes shipping anywhere in the 48 states a breeze—not to mention free. Need it shipped out of the country? No problem—we’ve got the fastest delivery and cheapest rates to over 800 locations worldwide.

We stand behind our remanufactured transmissions with the best warranty in the industry: three years, no fault, and unlimited mileage.

At Gearhead we have access to over 5,000 assembled and ready to ship automatic transmissions. We also have a large stock of manual shift transmissions. If we don’t have a unit ready to go we can usually build it. Automatic units take 3-4 business days to build and Manual shift units take 1-2 days to build. Why wait for a unit of suspect quality? At Gearhead we understand that time is money.

To truly understand what separates a Gearhead transmission from the other guys, you have to drive one. However, when you see the 106,000 sq. ft. plant in which they are remanufactured, it helps put things into perspective. Each technician specializes in a different model, so your 700r4 is built by a 700r4 specialist. At Gearhead, our transmissions are assembled using a unit-build process, meaning we build specific to each application. We understand that a 4L60 in a Camaro is different than a 4L60 in a pick-up and they are assembled accordingly. So there is no need to adjust the shift points or gear ratios. Your transmission will arrive ready to go!

Don’t forget, Gearhead is also your one-stop shop for all of your Engine needs. We offer a complete line of remanufactured and rebuilt engines for import and domestic vehicles alike. We even have a line of new and rebuilt European engines. Looking to save a little money? Ask about our reconditioned engine program. These units are remanufactured, but sell for the price of a used Engine!

Having trouble finding the engine or transmission you need? Certain units that are obsolete or only available through the dealer for astronomical prices can make getting your car back on the road a pain. In the unlikely event that we can’t build what you need we can probably find you a low mileage used unit at a great price. We’ve also got access to a nationwide network of auto-recyclers to make searching for a used Engine or transmission a breeze. Give Gearhead a call today!

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